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The February Wanderlist 2018

February 1, 2018 | Offroads India

From art and heritage to wine and music, there is something for everyone happening in February in India. Here is our pick of the top places you need to be at this month:

Sula Fest

Dates: Feb 3-4, 2018
Wine. Music. Great atmosphere. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of all three, then the SulaFest is the place to be. The Sula Vineyards will be playing host to over a hundred artists across a number of genres, so all you have to do is grab that glass of wine, lean back, and enjoy the atmosphere.
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Source: Sula Fest

Kala Ghoda Art Festival

Dates: Feb 3-11, 2018
The Kala Ghoda Art Festival returns once again to Downtown Mumbai. The nine-day art festival sees the Kala Ghoda art district transform into an open exhibition space displaying all forms of art, with music and dance performances accompanying the displays. The perfect opportunity for art lovers to really enjoy a full immersive experience.
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Source: Kala Ghoda

Shekhawati Heritage Festival

Dates: Feb 15-18, 2018
For a more historical setting, head to the Shekhawati Heritage Festival in the Shekhawati province of Rajasthan. The grand, iconic Rajasthani havelis with their extravagant frescoes provide the backdrop for a truly singular experience. Expect a packed schedule of cultural programs, delicious local cuisine, and discussions on eco-tourism.
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Dates: Feb 23-26, 2018
Amongst the desert sand dunes near Jaisalmer, you’ll find the Ragasthan Music Festival. Ragasthan offers the opportunity to camp right on the festival grounds and immerse yourself in the musical atmosphere with great people. An added bonus: Since Ragasthan is just 40 minutes away from the main city, you’ll have enough opportunities to soak in the cultural heritage that Jaisalmer has to offer.
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Source: Ragasthan

World Sacred Spirit Festival

Dates: Feb 15-18, 2018
Set against the backdrop of the historical fort Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, the World Sacred Spirit Festival will bring together artists and art forms from across the world. Expect to see music and dance performances along with documentaries, all focused on celebrating cultures and traditions that have withstood the test of time.
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