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How to India Right

May 23, 2018 | Vrinda Gupta

Raise your hands if you’re super excited about visiting India, but not 100% sure about what all you want to do/see. “Everything!” You might say, excitedly. “I want to see everything!”
And that’s fair! There is just so much to see and do in India that it can be tempting to want to do it all in just one trip. But like that bottle of Jose Cuervo, India is best taken a little easy. Don’t rush into things, because you’ll find yourself focusing more on the trivialities rather than enjoying what should be one of the greatest trips of your life.


India has something to offer every kind of traveler. For those who are super interested in history, you’re in luck. India’s heritage spans centuries, so you will be bombarded by remnants of previous dynasties and rulers all over the country. For your first visit, the Golden Triangle, made of up Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, is the safest bet. You get to visit the Taj Mahal (3 hour drive time from Delhi), experience traditional Rajasthani culture and see their palaces/ forts, while still being within driving distance of one of India’s biggest cities.



Maybe you like the idea of visiting some monuments, but you’re keen on exploring the food and cultural aspects more. That’s more than fair. You’ll want to add Bombay/ Goa and Amritsar to your itinerary. (Pro tip- Bombay is to NYC what Delhi is to LA). Bombay, or Mumbai, is all about the skyscrapers, Bollywood, and crazy nightlife, while Goa has a very laid-back, beach bum vibe. Visit either, or both! Amritsar is foodie heaven, and you can even cross the Golden Temple off your list.



If you want to Eat, Pray, Love your way through India, we got you! Focus more on Kerala, Goa, and Karnataka, which are located primarily in South India. You can spend your days by the beach, or wake up to stunning views at coffee estates. The food (and filter coffee!!) is to die for! Don’t be surprised if you don’t see ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ on the menu. South Indian cuisine is more varied than you could imagine, so go wild. Goa is made for sipping beers by the sea, so don’t start your day before noon at the earliest. These areas also have tons of temples and caves that are so worth exploring, so you can go back feeling like you were adequately tourist-y.



This is just a brief guide on how to get started in India. Believe us, nothing can truly prep you for this experience, in the best way possible. Come armed with a sense of humour, patience, and your passport, and leave with a desire to return as soon as possible!


Vrinda Gupta

Head of Content at work, Cuddler of Puppies rest of the time. Spent a quarter of my life studying to get paid to write Facebook captions. I travel so I can miss home.


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