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5 Reasons To Travel With Your Friends

November 27, 2016 | Shivam Singhee

Our fondest memories from every trip usually involve stories around the people we travelled with or new people we met along the way. Traveling is more about the journey than the destination and who we make that journey with makes all the difference. Here are 5 reasons why traveling with your friends is the best way to travel:

1) You don’t want to experience some things alone

Sure backpacking is a lot of fun and great for “self-discovery”, if that’s what you are looking for. BUT it can get lonesome and it isn’t really for everybody! Besides, who wants to walk down the Great Wall of China without making a hundred jokes about how your friend is a descendant of Genghis, or whilst ordering a beer in an authentic British pub and picking arguments over the best football teams (within or against other groups of people).






2) You will get to do things you wouldn’t normally do

Everyone in your friends group will have different ideas about how they want to spend their vacations. Some want to explore the sights, some food, some women in nightclubs. If you are alone, you will never get out of your comfort zone. A diverse group will make your trip more memorable than spending all day at nature’s trail looking for a bird you need binoculars to miss.






3) Sharing a story as a group can be way more fun

You know what’s the second best thing after your trip? Narrating the exciting parts of your trip to anyone who is listening. How else can we feel like we teleported back to sandy beaches or witnessed drunk midgets wrestle in shady bar ring. But even better than that, is having multiple people share their own versions of the same account, each telling us a little more information than the other. The gaps in your memories, due to excitement or drunken hazes, needs to be filled up by your friends!




4) It’s the best way to experience the local food

Unless you are sitting in a big group, ordering all the best things from the menu, you aren’t really experiencing the local food as you should be. Individual plates are over-rated. Ordering family style, sharing multiple dishes is the best way to really acclimate with the local food, figuring out the flavors, the spices and your favorites amongst the plethora of dishes.




5) The best bonding experience

Do you have friends that you met once in camp and stayed in touch for years after? Or made some friends whilst sky diving in Dubai, or learnt how to surf in Australia? Sharing experiences with another human being gets you extremely close, sometimes more so than spending ten years sitting next to someone in your classroom or next to your workstation. Traveling with people is one of the best ways to get to know someone and it bonds you for life.





So pack your bags and join us in the Andaman Islands – Into the Blue – and travel with friends old and new.



Shivam Singhee

Jovial traveller in a quest to find beautiful people in strange places and sometimes strange people in beautiful places.

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